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Who is Blishful Thinking?

When it comes to marketing and media, I’ve done almost everything. I’ve landed three products on Oprah’s Favorite Things, orchestrated Colonel Sanders jumping out of a plane to celebrate a new sandwich line, locked eyes and spoken “hello” with Anna Wintour, and even worked as a television reporter. I’ve worked with major fashion brands and smaller companies just getting their feet wet. Brand building requires every effort, from the major to the menial, and I’ve done just about all of it.

My Services & Expertise


Brand Development

I’ve helped brands from inception to launch and beyond.  I’ve put products in the hands of celebrities and editors around the world. I can give you a strategy that can take you from product development to market and media placement.



Writing is my passion. I’ve written a press release for a client in need in exactly 14 minutes. I’ve done a 16-page identity piece. I’ve written bios about people I’ve only spoken to briefly on the phone. I’ve written everything from roasts to obits—no job too small or unexciting when it comes to writing.

Event Concepts & Execution

I love events—planning, hosting, and yes, even the always-exciting, event follow-up.  My specialty is the Regional Event.  I love diving in to, what I consider, the crucial markets (Dallas, Denver, Houston, Chicago and Kansas City) and launching products.  From small, targeted, influencer placement, to larger scale product launches, I believe brand loyalty and love is born in smaller markets.

My Clients

I’ve worked for the best brands and people in the world.  Here are some of my favorites.

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